Edes continues to give its users a headache

Citizens maintain their complaints with Edeeste and Edesur and explain that the reduction in their invoices has been very minimal for the increase they presented in previous months.

Carlos Ruíz, who made his payment at an Edesur post office, said that he did not observe any kind of reduction in the cost of his bill.

“They did not apply the discount to me, because even my receipt was 1,600 pesos and I understand that the bill could increase a little, at most 2,000 pesos, but at present I have a bill of 4,600 pesos and with the supposed discount they lowered 100 and this it is not significant, I made a claim, which was never effective”, Ruíz argued.

He also reported that he has a problem with the wiring of his home, since having aluminum material, it is constantly “sulphated” and has caused the loss of several appliances.

“From the electricity cables they put an aluminum cable and since it rains it leaks and is useless, I have lost several appliances in my home and they do not want to be responsible,” explained Carlos Ruíz.

The citizen Víctor Viñas told Listín Diario, that he has not seen the electricity discount either.

“I don’t see a discount, I pay my son for the apartment and he went from paying 1,400 pesos and now he came from 2,000 and some pesos, he leaves at 7:00 AM and returns almost at midnight, so he doesn’t I understand this increase, since consumption remains the same,” said Viñas.

In the Edeeste offices was Teodoro Medina Gómez, who has all his receipts up to date but the company’s system says that he has not paid for his services for more than four months.

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