EDDVerse is a turnkey Web 3 enabler for global brands, celebrities and IPs. EDDVerse empowers athletes, celebrities, foundations, companies, IPs and brands to enter Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse by launching products, services and building communities. EDDVerse also creates and launches its own IPs. EDDAVverse also has an additional component called EDDASwap.

About EDDASwap

EDDASwap is a new platform that is conquering the market. EDDASwap is an ecosystem of DeFi and NFT applications, with a decentralized exchange supporting Ethereum, BSC and Polkadot. EDDA is the native token of the EDDASwap ecosystem and takes its name from an ancient collection of mythological Norse poems. EDDA Token holders will be the primary beneficiaries of the continued use and growth of EDDASwap.

EDDA Tokenomics

EDDA’s tokenomics are completely unique and are strategically designed to maximize the value increase of the EDDA token. EDDA will forever have a fixed supply of only 5000 tokens. Therefore, EDDA is an ultra-low supply token, making it one of the scarcest tokens on the market. Bitcoin’s success has reinforced a very fundamental economic concept. Simply put, provable scarcity is valuable. As an example, today many people aspire to own one full Bitcoin. Like how only 21 million people in the world can own one full Bitcoin, EDDASwap takes this up a few notches, as only an exclusive club of 5000 people will be able to own one full EDDA! To clarify for those less familiar with cryptocurrencies, unlike stocks, cryptocurrencies can be fractionally owned. You don’t necessarily need to own one “full” EDDA. So even a buyer who doesn’t have a significant sum of money left can still buy a fraction of EDDA and receive the exact same benefits.

EDDASwap’s NFT platform

NFTs are one of the hottest trends in the world right now and they have quickly become the gateway to enter the cryptocurrency markets. Already live, EDDASwap’s NFT platform combines the benefits of NFTs with the rapidly growing digital art and collectibles industry, opening up innovative opportunities such as tokenizing real-world artworks and collectibles. On EDDSwap’s NFT platform, EDDA token holders can stake their tokens to earn exclusive, limited edition NFTs created especially for EDDASwap by the world’s leading 3D artists and motion graphic designers, including legends such as Primal Cypher, OZ, Space Yacht Labs, Stefan Große Halbuer, Cyrus James Khan, Layerinsane, Alphie and many more. On NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible, top quality NFTs from such leading artists are impressive. For example, one of EDDASwap’s platform limited edition NFTs recently sold for over $14,000 on OpenSea. And the best part is, EDDA token holders using the NFT platform get all these NFTs for free!

EDDASwap’s Multi-Chain DEX

The multi-chain DEX is EDDASwap’s flagship offering and supports crypto asset trading on all the leading blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot. The Binance Smart Chain version of the DEX will be the first to launch, soon to be followed by an L2 DEX, for which EDDASwap has partnered with Polygon. A key topic of EDDASwap’s plans for their DEXs is the core focus on security. EDDASwap implements “Liquidity Lock”, an optional feature where anyone listing their token on the EDDASwap DEX has the option to lock the liquidity for the token for a specified period of time. Any project looking to legitimize itself can use this feature to build trust and provide token buyers with much-needed security.

Another important aspect is how the DEXs benefit the EDDA token holders. The answer lies in an elegant system, where a fraction of the trading fees generated on all DEXs of EDDASwap are used to automatically purchase EDDA tokens in the marketplace, which are then distributed to EDDA token holders who have staked their tokens. Therefore, as EDDASwap grows and the trading volume increases, the EDDA Token holders will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

EDDASwap’s partnership with Polygon

EDDASwap has entered into several prominent and high-quality partnerships. The largest of these is EDDASwap’s partnership with Polygon. EDDASwap will implement Polygon’s L2 scaling technology to bring unparalleled speed and scalability to EDDSwap’s platforms. EDDASwap’s flagship DEX is the first platform that EDDASwap builds on Polygon. Powered by Polygon’s scaling capabilities, transactions on the EDDASwap L2 DEX will incur almost no gas fees (less than $0.0001 per transaction) and transaction finality will be lightning fast. With other major DEXs in the industry struggling with high costs and slowing down their L2 implementations, the EDDASwap DEX will have a huge competitive advantage, providing unparalleled scaling without compromising decentralization. To kick-start liquidity on the EDDASwap DEX, Polygon will be conducting a liquidity mining campaign to boost liquidity providers after the DEX launch. However, the scope of the partnership doesn’t just end there, as EDDASwap will also make NFTs universally accessible and affordable for everyone by extending their NFT platform to Polygon. In EDDA Swap’s upgraded NFT platform, the process of minting and trading with NFTs will be exponentially cheaper and faster. V2 of EDDASwap’s NFT platform is also in development and will bring all-new primitives to the NFT industry, including the merging of DeFi with NFTs. The proven success of EDDASwap in the NFT space, combined with Polygon’s scaling technology, will take NFTs to the next level.

To learn more about EDDAVverse’s exciting project, please visit: https://eddaverse.com/


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