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Ecuador: Former Vice President Glas Declines Presidential Candidacy

The former vice president of Ecuador Jorge Glas (c), in a file photograph.  BLAZETRENDS/Jose Jacome

Quito (BLAZETRENDS).- Former Vice President Jorge Glas declined his candidacy for the Presidency of Ecuador this Saturday shortly after the announcement made by the Revolución Ciudadana movement, led by former President Rafael Correa, regarding his selection as an option for the extraordinary presidential elections next 20th of August.

Glas, who has two firm convictions for corruption, his nomination as a candidate was achieved after a judge granted him a precautionary measure on Friday.

The precautionary measure was issued by Judge John Rodríguez Mendiola, of the Multicompetent Judicial Unit of Yaguachi, a canton (municipality) belonging to the coastal province of Guayas, where Glas is from.

However, Glas commented that he cannot put the registration at risk and after declining his candidacy, he proposed Luisa González as a candidate for the Presidency in a formula with Andrés Arauz.

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