Economist says issuing debt will be more expensive this year

The executive vice president of the Regional Center for Sustainable Economic Strategies (CREES), Miguel Collado DiFrancowarned that the United States monetary policy changethe country’s main trading partner, It will have an impact at the international level, as far as the cost of debt is concerned.

He warned that as long as it is easy to continue borrowing and as long as international conditions allow it, it is easy to have access to international markets.

Now this is changing because issuing debt this year will be more expensive than last year and that is why it is necessary to control that rate of indebtedness and the amount of the debt.

He pointed out that for this year 2023 for the payment of the debt, In the country, 26% is budgeted, that is, that of every 100 pesos that the Government receives from taxes, 26 pesos are destined to pay the interest on the debtnot capital, and that is what is worrying.

During his participation in the Reseñas program, hosted by journalists Rafael Núñez and Adelaida Martínez, the economist Collado Di Franco stressed that this change in monetary policy has already begun to be felt for a long time and that this could impact the local economy in 2023.

Tax pressureRegarding the tax burden, the economist said that must be looked at very carefullybecause when international comparisons are made, the one here seems low.

“Let’s remember that we have an individual capitalization system, and consequently, what you withhold from the employer for Social Security, that does not go to the State, but we are paying it, so comparing tax pressures is risky.”

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