eBay eliminates fees on fashion items

eBay has abolished fees on fashion items in the UK. Specifically, according to Modaes, The company has reduced the fees users have to pay to sell on its website, with the fashion category benefiting the most. Specifically, it was applied to all articles except sneakers, bags, watches and jewelrywhich continue to be subject to fees, although «reduced«.

These changes affect not only newly sold products, but also those already available on the market. As explained by eBay: “Private sellers based in the UK can now sell clothing for free and will not pay final value fees or government operating fees when selling these items«.

In this way, sell all of these items on the Marketplace from now on a fee of 8% of the item price will be charged, plus the corresponding 30p. Items priced above £100 can again be sold for free.

Bet on AI

At the same time, eBay is relying on generative artificial intelligence (AI). Recently, the German marketplace launched a new AI tool that allows sellers to create product listings from images. Called “Magic Listing,” the tool can automatically write a title and description based on an image, as well as information such as product release date, category, subcategory, list price and shipping costs.

This tool builds on the company’s efforts to implement AI in the sales process. In fact, eBay has also improved its image background removal tool, which allows sellers to share better product images.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, eBay delivered results that underscore its efforts to drive organic growth and stabilize its buyer base. The company’s earnings report showed revenue growth of 3% to $2.6 billion. In parallel, eBay’s advertising business also saw strong growth, with total advertising revenue increasing by 25% over the year.

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