Dutch breakthrough: create your own bitcoins as an alternative to working from home

For the average Dutch person, mining Bitcoin (BTC) is an almost impossible task. In the early days of Bitcoin, almost anyone with a computer could mine Bitcoins, but over time the barrier to entry into the process became higher and higher. For individuals, access to the multi-billion dollar industry seemed increasingly out of reach until an innovative solution was created from the Netherlands.

Bitcoin mining for everyone

Since the very first block of transactions on the Bitcoin network, miners have been using computing power to solve complex mathematical problems. In order to keep the supply of new Bitcoins predictable, the difficulty of the mining process increases as more computing power is used to secure the network.

While in the early years you could do mining as a hobby from home, today the sector is dominated by gigantic mining farms. It is almost impossible for individuals to get started. The chance of you winning the battle against the big boys with limited resources is practically zero.

The powerful computers required in the mining process today, so-called ASICs (Application-specific integrated circuits) consume an enormous amount of electricity. With relatively high electricity prices in our country, it is impossible to make a profit.

However, Rollman Mining has once again opened the doors for the Dutch to enter the multi-billion dollar industry. The revolutionary company introduces a unique mining service that allows anyone to start mining Bitcoin from home. Rollman Mining offers customers the opportunity to purchase their own mining machine, which they can then use to earn Bitcoins without any personal effort.

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Rollman Mining offers a so-called “all-in service”. The company connects the miner you buy to a mining pool so that you can actually establish yourself in the cut-throat competition. With a team with over ten years of experience, Rollman Mining also takes full responsibility for maintenance and management and promises some of the most competitive electricity tariffs in the world.

Rollman Mining’s offer

What makes the offer even more attractive is the current promotion exclusively for Crypto Insiders readers, where new customers can look forward to a €500 discount on their first purchase. Together with the non-binding advice, this offers the Dutch a unique opportunity to enter the technical and complex world of Bitcoin mining. And in a lucrative way.

Rollman mining allows anyone to earn Bitcoins from the comfort of their own home by contributing to the underlying blockchain. This Dutch innovation not only makes Bitcoin mining more accessible, but also introduces a new way of working from home where you can literally mine digital gold from your own living room.

To Rollman Mining

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