Home Sports Ducati challenges Honda with latest offer to Marc Márquez: winning bike

Ducati challenges Honda with latest offer to Marc Márquez: winning bike

Jorge Lorenzo sets the World Cup on fire before the possibility that Borgo Panigale will take 93

In the last hours some important statements by Jorge Lorenzo have been made known, who has spoken with certainty about the future of MotoGP, with about the next step you take in your sports career Marc Márquezwhether he continues at Honda or an inevitable step to other teams like Ducati.

It is necessary to highlight the character, the driving style and his performance, in the little that he has been able to show in the MotoGP World Championship, they are perfectly complemented by the opinion expressed by the Mallorcan. That is to say, Marc Márquez is a winner and could easily make it to Ducati.

Marc Marquez Ducati
The one from Cervera has an irresistible offer: they promise to be champion

It has been known that Honda and Ducati hope to fight to keep Marc Márquez

The five-time world champion has spoken about the Spaniard and has once again left a doubt about the situation of Márquez as well as that of the team that would host him, Ducati. And it is that the Mallorcan believes that the eight-time world champion will not last much longer without a competitive motorcycle.

Thus, Lorenzo said that Márquez will change teams and assured that he knew the destination: “I think Ducati”. And not only that, she spoke of the imminence of this event. The offer will not make him happy, but he will accept it. She even went further, assuring that she is not clear if he will be in the official or satellite team.

The 30-year-old Spanish driver hopes to improve his level and remain the greatest

Lorenzo dared to say that he would be the enemy to beat, even if he is 31 years old, which includes to be favorite over Bagnaia himself. Curiously, the departure before 2025 of Cervera de Honda not only has its possible recipient in Ducati, but it has also signed up for KTM.

That is, it is believed that Márquez, a winner and compulsive competitor, will not stand for much longer to be out of the top positions. For now, the followers of the Honda driver are waiting for information directly from the Japanese team or perhaps from the Spanish himself to clear up all doubts.

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