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Dubai police arrest ‘The Ghost’ after 10 years of ‘Sugar Cane’ operation

Dubai police have arrested an international drug lord alias The Ghost for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking in Europe and South America.

According to Gulf News, the international operation to arrest the drug lord was carried out in collaboration with the Dubai Police and the police agencies of France, Spain and Colombia.

According to Dubai police, 17 other suspects from different counties have been arrested and 22 tonnes of cocaine mixed with sugar were seized from a flight from Colombia to France.

According to the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al-Murri, the operation, dubbed ‘Sugar Cane’, identified as MD, was carried out after the arrest of a key suspect.

Dubai Police arrest international drug lord known as 'The Ghost' |  Al Arabiya English

Lt. Gen. Al-Murri said the suspects were smuggling cocaine into Chinese ships between South America and Europe, as well as running laboratories in Europe to separate the sugar from cocaine.

He added that the Dubai Police was playing a key role in combating drug trafficking around the world and organized crime between the UAE and other countries.

Another feat of Dubai Police

Information was exchanged between Dubai Police and French police agencies to set a zero time for the arrest of the suspects.

According to Brigadier Eid Mohammed Harib, director of the anti-narcotics department at Dubai Police, preparations for the operation began a year ago because the group set up fake shipping and trading companies to operate between South America and Europe during the Cove 19 epidemic. Were

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