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Dubai: new order issued for cars for public transport

The move follows a review of Dubai’s strategic sector regulatory framework to further improve the city’s standard of living and provide world-class services.

The new resolution will be implemented throughout Dubai, including special development zones and free zones. The new resolution modifies clauses one, two, five and seven of Resolution 6 of 2016.

The amendment to Clause 1 refers to the definitions and conditions established in the previous resolution. The amendment to Clause 2 establishes the role of the Public Transportation Agency, a subsidiary of the RTA, which includes the issuance of licenses and permits.

The agency has been authorized to issue taxi use guidelines for compromised persons so that taxi service companies can comply with the permit requirements.

The infractions that could result in fines have been determined by modifying Clause Five. The amendment to article 7 refers to the fines imposed.

According to her, offenders will be fined 50,000 dirhams for corporations and 30,000 dirhams for individuals. This new resolution comes into effect from the day of its issuance and will also be published in the Official Gazette.

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