Dubai: Forced marriages, women’s education have been discussed in the women’s pavilion at Dubai Expo.

According to the details, a symposium was organized in the women’s pavilion at Dubai Expo 2012, which was attended by a large number of young women activists from Egypt, Lebanon and Africa. The symposium was titled ‘We Can’, ‘Girls There were voices of girls for empowerment.

The symposium was held on the occasion of the United Nations International Day for the Empowerment of Girls, which aims to support more opportunities for women and highlight gender inequality, hosted by the UK-based NGO ( NGO (Save the Children).

Egyptian TV anchor Mona Al-Shazali, a guest at the symposium, emphasized the need to make education a basic right for all children, emphasizing the need for UNICEF to encourage community classes in remote areas where schools There are very few and the curriculum has been created for a specific class, he also pointed out the dangers of parents depriving their children of education.

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Entrepreneur and activist Sarah Al-Madani said that society needs to change in order to accept women as powerful personalities, instead of hiding behind outdated cultures and rituals, we need to start working seriously to change them. Yes, social reform starts from within the family and we must focus on educating the new generation.

Symposium participants opposed the forced marriage of children and agreed with the desire to facilitate access to education for girls around the world, as well as creating a safe environment for them.

In her virtual message, the wife of the Armenian president and UNICEF-sponsored children’s rights activist Nonih Sarkisian said that a conducive environment for women should be encouraged and they should be involved in high-level decision-making.



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