Dubai: Amazing landing of the plane on the helipad of the tallest building

Polish pilot and aerobatic Luke Zepila stunned people by performing spectacular stunts. In a video shared on Instagram, Zeppela’s plane can be seen approaching the 212-meter-high helipad on the 56th floor of the Burj Al Arab and moving onto the helipad.

Sharing the video, Zeppela wrote, “We did it! Watch the first aircraft landing at the iconic Burj Al Arab helipad.

The Dubai Media Office also published photos of the flight and landing and said that the Zeppela “completed more than 650 practice landings before landing, but the demonstration landing on the Burj Al Arab helipad was the first time the Zeppela took 2 years to do it.” The helipad was also specially modified.

In an article on Red Bull’s website, 39-year-old pilot Zeppella wrote that landing at 200 meters, with no clear boundaries, was completely different from landing on the ground. There was no room for error on the helipad.

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