Drone attacks on military installations in Isfahan, Iran

Drone attacks on military installations in Iran’s Isfahan were foiled.

Iran’s Ministry of Defense has said that several failed drone attacks were carried out in the central city of Isfahan. One drone was hit by the Choir defense while the other two were hit by a defense trap and exploded.

There were no casualties from these attacks. The roof of only one shop was destroyed and meanwhile a fire broke out in the oil refinery in the industrial zone of Tabriz city which was extinguished after several hours.

It should be noted that Isfahan is one of the most important Iranian cities in terms of military industries because it has many military factories. There is also the famous “Natanz” facility, which is considered to be one of the most important nuclear facilities in Iran.

It should be remembered that during the last few years, there have been several explosions or fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities.

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