Double joy for Honda

Twelve years of absence have not been enough for Bou’s experience in San Marino, was different from that of 2010. The last time the championship held the Italian event was that of Honda, how could it be otherwise at that time, who was victorious. And on his return he has not only repeated the same result but also, perhaps, he has been able to get the title back on track as happened on that old visit. His triumph in Italy made him caress his 13th title and now, more than on his own merits, they have been the mistakes of his main rival in the slippery stone areas due to the early rain those who, halfway through the season, have been able to tip the scales towards the Piera driver.

It was obvious that during this Saturday the leadership would have a solitary name, well Bou and Busto shared the first place overall with 111 points each (now the HRC team leads with 131 and a solo margin of 5), but it was not expected that in this personal duel between the two, the GasGas team, up to now impeccable, would commit all those mistakes that he has been giving up throughout the season to keep up with the champion and benchmark in the class. Only at the end of the first lap did the Honda rider continue with hardly any mistakes while his rival missed up to four times, giving up 16 points against a Toni, who at that moment already had it in his hand to ensure victory.

The experience in this case was once again a degree and Spanish did not fail. The pressure fell completely on a Bust who failed to reverse the situation and also saw how Marcelli also surpassed him for Honda to celebrate his happiness twice. Bou’s teammate, who also broke the tables in his fight for the bronze in the general, only had to recover a point against that of GasGas and gave the surprise in a day where a third position could have been more bitter than ever. Because the HRC double, more than a satisfaction for the Japanese, could be an important factor for the second part of the season. Although tomorrow, Like every Sunday, it’s revenge day.

San Marino 1 Results

This is how the TrialGP World Championship goes

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