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Don’t make a fool of yourself about your body

Zayed Khan flew from Kolkata to Cox's Bazar with Sayantika

The heroine of Calcutta entered Dhaka in the morning. And actor Zayed Khan flew with him to Cox’s Bazar at noon. Zayed Khan and Scientika’s new film begins filming today in the coastal city.

The actor in the Dhakai film confirmed the matter to Kal Kantha on Wednesday afternoon, saying that critics were all but silenced when filming of the film began.

When news of Zayed Khan’s film starring Sayantika broke a few days ago, the actor denied the affair.

He told Kal Kantha that he is not currently doing a film with Sayantika. But today Zayed Khan said: “I signed a contract for the film the day before yesterday.” I can’t say that officially beforehand.

Now I can say without hesitation that I will be making the new film with Scientika. “He came from Calcutta in the morning, I myself went to the airport and received him.”

The actor told Kal Kantha that filming would take place for 15 consecutive days in the beautiful areas of Cox’s Bazar: “Shooting will start from today.” Filming will continue for 15 consecutive days in the most beautiful areas of this coastal region.

After that we will return to Dhaka.’

Sayantika was previously featured in an India-Bangladesh co-production. Sayantika was Shakib Khan’s heroine in the 2018 film Naqab. Exactly five years later, when Shakib Khan was enjoying the success of the film “Priyatma” with another actress from Kolkata, Idhika Pal, Sayantika came to Dhaka to star in the film with another Khan.

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