Exceptional return of Luka Doncic to the courts after knee and ankle injuries. It was tested and it was to play. Good thing he did it because this game was reminiscent of the two playoffs the Clippers and Mavericks have played in the last two years. It’s just regular season, but like it’s something else. There are pending accounts and Doncic already let the train pass on Sunday, where this same confrontation was also played, he did not want to waste another day. His legs were warming up, his team got into cardiac coherence with their leader and there was a good show. A few errors left the rival the option of forcing the extension and there was Paul George, in charge of doing it and correct with the result, and the Staples Center lived an extra five minutes of basketball that nobody bitter. But, finally, a Doncic dedicated to the cause brought out the best in a Porzingis, here yes and without discussion, decisive.

The two best Mavs players reigned with 56 points between them. They are just half of those who put his team. 104-112 was the end result. In overtime the Texans left the Clippers at a measly point.

The hands of the players on both sides shook in the decisive moments, but the Mavs were finer to recover from the disaster than some Clippers who arrived, stood and fell again. Ibaka played but did not convince, as Lue tested Hartenstein as a substitute inside option in the second half and not him. Without Kawhi Leonard, a lot of life is lacking in this Los Angeles team and, before one who knows them as if it were a photocopy of themselves, they are going to have defeats like that in what the top star returns or not. George made the shot to tie and force overtime but squandered many possessions and ran out of ideas at the end, a case similar to Jackson’s. Dallas took advantage of these imbalances and took a victory after three losses and an injury to Doncic that did not let them sleep.


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