Domingo Germán, expelled from the Yankees-Blue Jays for sticky substance on his hand

The series that are disputing yankees and Blue Jays in Toronto has given a lot to talk about, with situations that have raised controversy. This Tuesday, in the second of the series, the right-hander of the ninth from New York, Domingo Germán, was expelled from the match after being checked for illegal substances in his hand and glove by umpire James Hoye.

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At the time of inspection, the ‘Bronx Bombers’ starter had retired all nine batters he faced. Immediately, the television cameras went to Germán, who saw a strange stain on his uniform at waist level.

The penalty for the Yankees pitcher is expected to be a 10-game suspension., as happened a few weeks ago to Max Scherzer, of the New York Mets, who experienced a similar situation. So far in the 2023 MLB season, Germán and Scherzer are the only pitchers who have been ejected for sticky substances.

They did not forgive Germán the second

Just a month ago, Domingo Germán had experienced a similar situation. On April 15, in a game against the Twins, the Dominican was checked and a stickier substance than normal was detected. Curiously, umpires James Hoye, John Libka and DJ Reyburn, who were in Toronto this Tuesday, also took charge of that game in Minnesota.

That time, the Dominican was not sanctioned because he explained that the substance in his hand was only rosinfor which he was only asked to wash his hands, and although the sticky sensation was still strange in the minds of the umpires, they determined that he had not broken the rules, since it did not reach the standard to affect the pitch.

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