Does Putin Finally Have Parkinson’s? A former British spy reports on the Russian president’s health

Russian President Vladimir Putin is “not in good health,” said the former head of the British secret service MI6. However, speaking to British radio station LBC, Sir Richard Dearlove pointed this out has no “clear answer” As for how ill Putin is, his contacts in Eastern Europe have told him that the Russian leader may be suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

This has been going on for a long time, especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine more than two years ago Variety of rumors about Putin’s health. For example, in October the Kremlin rejected claims that he had suffered a cardiac arrest, saying “everything was fine.”

Asked about Putin’s physical and emotional health, Dearlove replied: “I don’t have a clear answer to that, but I still have contacts and friends in Eastern Europe who think so.”From a medical perspective, there is something fundamentally wrong with himbut I’m not a doctor.

When asked whether Putin might be suffering from Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, he replied: Dearlove “probably” said yes.

“There are different representations, different variations, different gravity, but Putin is paranoid and I think Navalny’s murder might indicate some paranoia. That’s one of the symptoms,” he said, as Newsweek reported.

However, not all experts believe that Putin is really sick. “I am deeply skeptical that Putin has health problems that could result in their immediate death or incapacitation,” Professor Mark Galeotti, director of Mayak Intelligence, a London-based consultancy focused on Russia, told Newsweek last year. “There are a lot of rumors, propaganda and illusions at play.” .

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Putin is already on an election trip through Russia the country’s presidential elections in 2024 which will take place on March 17th. Due to constitutional changes made before the war in Ukraine, Putin can remain in power until 2036.

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