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Do you want to be the first to own a Google Pixel 7a? The prototype is already on eBay

Google’s next mid-range model will be the Pixel 7a, which has made headlines several times in recent weeks. Its official presentation should only take place in June, but this model already keeps some secrets.

The madness of information leaks now takes a new level with the appearance of a prototype of the Google Pixel 7a in ebay. For the exorbitant amount of $2,550, you can already own a copy of this model, however, it is not recommended.

Google Pixel 7a is a smartphone with fewer and fewer secrets to reveal

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a smartphone prototype available on eBay ahead of its official launch. The most recent case of the genre now occurs with the next mid-range from Google.

Google Pixel 7a

We can easily see that this product is a prototype by the symbol on the back of the smartphone. This replaces the Google logo, a well-recognized practice of the American company.

When I say this is not a great deal, I don’t just mean the price five times what is expected in stores. The prototype that you can see in the images is not fully functional.

As the author of this announcement points out, the copy in question only enters flashboot and lacks a SIM card tray. However, if someone considers themselves capable of making this prototype work, they can always venture into these meanders.

Indeed, the appearance of this Pixel 7a on eBay mainly serves to confirm some details. First of all, the design of the product matches all the previously published renders, that is, a product with strong inspirations from the top line Pixel 7.

Thanks to the way flashboot Furthermore, the Google Pixel 7a is confirmed to come with 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM from Samsung. It also has an internal memory module with a capacity of 128 GB developed by the company SKHynix.

If you want a fully functional Google Pixel 7a, you will have to wait a few more months until its official presentation takes place. It will be the most appropriate process for most consumers, but the most adventurous or collectors can already get hold of this rare specimen.

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