Divilo and Visa launch Diveep, a solution to charge with your mobile phone

Visa, a company dedicated to digital payments, and the Spanish neobank Divilo have announced an alliance to make available to businesses and the self-employed Diveep, the solution in Spain that allows you to charge with your mobile phone without any other additional device.

Thanks to Visa’s innovative technology and through the Divilo App, Freelancers and companies will be able to charge their clients by bringing the card or another mobile phone to the device, thus eliminating the need for having to use a dataphone. This is especially relevant at a time when consumers are increasingly demanding to pay without cash, where according to the study Back to Business Visa the 63% of the consumers surveyed affirm that they would choose to buy in a store because of accepting contactless payments.

To implement this solution, they have undergone a complex certification process with the main card issuers in the world, thus offering maximum security in this type of transaction.

Dorronsoro oak, Head of Merchants and Acceptance of Visa in Southern Europe, highlights: “Thanks to this solution, we continue to support SMEs so that they can accept easy and secure digital payments while we continue to forge alliances with new players such as Divilo, who contribute their innovative vision and disruptive technology to the future of digital payments.”.

Our commitment is to facilitate the day-to-day life of our clients in the management of their business through immediate, safe and efficient solutions. Being the first and only in Spain positions us at the forefront of technological innovation”Highlights Juan Guruceta, Founder and CEO of Divilo.

Divine, with Bank of Spain License No. 6905 and Principal Member of Visa, will also make available to the self-employed and companies the management service, where they can calculate VAT settlements and withholdings (if applicable) automatically. What’s more. Divilo will soon launch a system that allows invoices to be stored directly in the app and to record the corresponding taxes in real time.

To become a Divilo client, any company or self-employed person can register with the entity following a simple registration process and in just 10 minutes the process will be complete.

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