The Unified Council of Electricity Distribution Companies reported that two of its plants that contribute the most energy to the system went out of service for reasons of scheduled and corrective maintenance.

the CUED indicates that those plants that did not mention them by name generate the amount of 670MW, which is 16 percent of the installed capacity in the country.

In a document sent by Edenorte, it specifies that, due to said situation,heThe clients of the three edes are being affected due to the deficit that has been generated, which is aggravated by the greater demand due to the increase in temperatures.

The institution that coordinates the national energy sector states that it makes every effort to find a solution to the problem, as soon as possible, to meet the electricity demand of the population.

The statement makes it clear that nor only the interruptions in the vital service are affecting the users of the Cibao region, but of the entire national territory.

The Unified Council of Distribution Companies made its website available to citizens to consult on any situation they deem necessary, in the generation and supply of the vital service.


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