Disgusting move of Modi government after defeat in Karnataka

New Delhi: After the crushing defeat in the Karnataka elections, the BJP leadership lost its temper and took extreme measures against the Muslims.

According to an Indian media report, Assam Chief Minister Hemant Biswa Sarma has announced that he has decided to close 300 more madrasas in the province.

He said that in the meeting held between the BJP leadership and madrassa running organizations, it was agreed that three hundred more madrassas will be closed in Assam.

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According to the report, three hundred madrasas were closed during the election in Assam in March this year. He said that we want schools, colleges and universities, not madrasas.

It should be noted that according to the law introduced by the Chief Minister of Assam in 2020, all government-run madrasas will be converted into regular schools. Provide general education to the people.

Remember that till January 2023 there were about 3000 madrasas in Assam which included registered and unregistered madrasas.

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