Diplomacy: Should the West Help the Taliban?

Representatives from the European Union and the United States met with Afghanistan’s new leadership in Doha, Qatar. The Taliban are looking for essential international support, in the context of the current crisis.

TO Doha in Qatar, Taliban envoys are seated around a table with their Qatari counterparts, representatives of Washington (United States) and the European Union. Tuesday, October 12, the Kabul regime (Afghanistan), supported by its Qatari allies, was trying to gain international recognition.

“I think engaging with them is the most important. To disengage would be to make the same mistake as in 1989, when we washed our hands of Afghanistan and abandoned the Afghan people. One of the consequences was September 11. I think we should learn the lessons ”, Explain Mutla Al-Qhatani, special envoy of the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs. But the Westerners present at Doha, demand respect for Taliban commitments: women’s rights, freedom of movement for people who wish to leave the country, etc.

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