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Dinesh Karthik IND vs AUS: The team is playing with Dinesh Karthik, the race is being ruined!


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Dinesh Karthik


  • Dinesh Karthik scored 6 runs in the first T20 against Australia
  • Dinesh Karthik’s batting order in question
  • Karthik became a part of playing 11 by giving him preference over Rishabh Pant

Dinesh Karthik IND vs. Australia: In the first match of the India-Australia series, Dinesh Karthik made headlines for two reasons. First, he couldn’t do wonders with the bat. Second, Captain Rohit Sharma grabbed him by the neck during deployment. This incident may have happened due to his cold response while he was appealing or it was just part of a mutual joke between the players. Amidst all these things, Dinesh Karthik’s misuse in the match went unnoticed.

Why did Dinesh Karthik come out to bat after Axar Patel?

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Dinesh Karthik

In this match, Dinesh Karthik was sent to bat 15.5 over the mark. He came to the crease as the seventh batter. The special thing was that he got this opportunity after the dismissal of Axar Patel. It is worth noting that the team management made DK part of the playing XI by giving preference to a star cricketer like Rishabh Pant. But during the game, he was underrated as a hitter for Axar Patel.

Argument 1: Dinesh Karthik is the finisher so he picked up the bat later

Karthik has been given a place as a finisher in the squad so it can be argued that he is fit to bat in the last 5 overs. But in this match, the India team was batting first, there was no goal to chase up front, so this argument doesn’t go down the throat completely either.

Second Argument – ​​Left-Right Combination Batted Later

Another argument can be given regarding the left-right combination. Akshar Patel is a left-handed batsman and Hardik Pandya was already present in the crease when he hit the ground. In such a situation, the advantage of the left-right combination could have been given to the team, which was not found, Patel came out after scoring 6 runs on 5 balls. Until the time Patle reached the crease, all five batsmen in the top and middle order were right-handed. In such a situation, suddenly, an explosive hitter like DK dominated by Akshar as a left-hander, is beyond comprehension, the argument can be dismissed entirely.

Agarkar’s questions about Karthik’s batting order

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Dinesh Karthik and Rishabh pants

Indian cricket legend Ajit Agarkar also disagrees with this mess going on with Dinesh Karthik. He has said that this is a strange situation that happens with Dinesh Karthik. They have the ability to hit first, they don’t have to wait until 16. They have full capacity to handle such a situation. Agarkar further said that he has been given a spot in the team that is keeping Rishabh Pant out and that you are setting him up to bat after Akshar. This has happened twice. Also in the South Africa series, Axar was sent to bat before him.

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