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Different needs of sports management

Different needs of sports management

In political action we see that the consensus, even within the same party, they are necessary and sometimes essential. Reality and history show us this with numerous examples.

that harmony of inner thought that extends to the community and leads to good management, it is nourished by people with often different visions and it is good that it is so. For avoid singles, that perhaps excite many but can leave society defenseless against any adventurer.

This virtuous filter is clearly necessary for the macro policies of a country, but not for the development of all the most specific instances within a government management, such as science and technology, culture and sports, among many others.

In that crossroads of worlds between real issues and coffee discussions, between people of very different backgrounds, is where they often find themselves. the causes of anodyne efforts or directly unsuccessful.

For example, in sports, once management has been designated by the best experts on the subject and consistent with the line of general government, political action in those delimited areas it must be circumscribed to the rapid management of available resources. And not to a debate between or with the career politicians, who eventually occupy that place, in the same way as it could be in mining, fishing or energy.

Of these debates between the unfortunately few experts and the many politicians who have different experiences, only exasperating slowness in management and frustrations among connoisseurs springs up, who often feel handicapped by the different dynamics or by the lack of specific knowledge of those who circumstantially occupy a position.

This happened and it happens to many good officials that they cannot give their all, before a scenario that is deliberative daily when it should be executive.

It is evident that any country needs clear macro policies, agreed upon by the greatest possible number of parliamentary actors and/or supporters, but after the directions have been defined and the budgets established, the only ones who should lead the technical processes are those who know.

It is in this sense that still there is misinformation between the similarities and differences that exist between the macro, and daily or medium-term tasks, which cannot and should not be discussed with those who make the first strokes in this activity.

* Former National Sports Director.

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