Diego Lainez He is not quite the promising player he seemed years ago and it seems that his evolution has ended up stalling in the Real Betis Balompie, for this reason the club would have decided to transfer him to a new team during this transfer market to see if he regains sensations on the pitch. He is looking for a club that is willing to guarantee him a large number of minutes next season and it seems that his future could be in Greece.

According to accountSports world‘, the young Mexican player could be about to become a new AEK Athens player given that Matías Almeyda, coach of the Greeks, knows the young Betis footballer perfectly and would have personally requested his incorporation. Pellegrini does not count on Diego Lainez at all and everything seems to point to his departure from Heliópolis in this transfer market given that the player needs to feel important again on the pitch since he is on his way to 22 years old and has not been a player for a long time. headline.

They will try to renew him before he leaves

Of course, Real Betis Balompié is aware that Diego Lainez He has a lot of potential and he knows that he would be taking a lot of risk letting him out and for him to appreciate in value on loan in Greece. He only has a contract until 2024 and if the footballer performed at a good level at AEK they could be exposed to him not wanting to renew, so they would lose a lot of money. Faced with this situation, they will try to extend his contract before letting him go, so they will make sure to control his future.


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