Did the United States collect debris from “non-human” flying objects?

These are explosive claims from a serious whistleblower, but for the moment without evidence to verify them. A former member of the Pentagon has filed a complaint with the US Congress, claiming that secret programs to recover the remains of “non-human (flying) vehicles” have existed for decades, and that they have concealed from elected officials and the public.

These allegations follow the publication of a report by American intelligence, in 2021, confirming the existence of a hundred unexplained “aerial phenomena” but certifying that there were, at this stage, no elements proving that they were extraterrestrial objects.

David Charles Grusch, 36, is a former American soldier in the US Air Force, who later joined military intelligence. He was also part of the Navy’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, which in 2020 declassified several videos of pilot encounters with objects “with characteristics not currently available to the United States”. , before indicated at the time the Navy.

“We are not alone” in the universe

Grusch’s complaint has been exposed on The Debrief by American journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal. It was they in particular who had revealed in the New York Times the existence of a secret Pentagon program investigating these mysterious phenomena.

The whistleblower claims that US intelligence has recovered “intact and partially intact remains of vehicles of non-human origin” for decades. In an interview at NewsNation, he goes further, speaking of “spaceships”, and assures him: “We are definitely not alone (in the universe). »

The whistleblower, who retired from the military, says he was denied access to these programs when he was on the Navy task force. Grusch acknowledges that he does not have photos of these supposed “exotic” aircraft, but swears that multiple intelligence agents who have seen them have confided in him. Another intelligence official, Jonathan Grey, corroborated his claims, assuring that these programs existed in many countries.

An unconvinced elected official

The Department of Defense offered a denial to NewsNation, certifying that the Pentagon does not have “verifiable information proving allegations of possession of extraterrestrial materials” by the US government.

David Charles Grusch provided all classified material in his possession to Congress and testified under oath. As usual, the House Committee on Intelligence has not commented on a pending complaint. But his Republican boss, Representative Mike Turner, insisted on Fox News: “There is no evidence (that the United States has in its possession debris from extraterrestrial spacecraft). He questioned that “such a conspiracy” could have been kept secret “at such a high level” for years.

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