Home Sports “Di María is the most undervalued of the last 10 years”

“Di María is the most undervalued of the last 10 years”

"Di María is the most undervalued of the last 10 years"

Associated with Sevilla several times in recent times, Álvaro Morata has not come to play with the Nervión team but he did spend two seasons on loan at Juventus. He will now see the return of the semifinal with a divided heart, but not so much: “I would support Sevilla in all other cases, but not against my old club. If the bianconeri don’t make it, I’ll be next to my compatriots at the end of the month against the winner of the other semifinal,” he said on Tuttosport.

Questioned about the virtues of Sevilla, the Atlético de Madrid striker highlights the “excellent and compact collective” of a team that fights “and stands out in this competition”: “They will sell life dearly, they have won six Europa Leagues in the last 17 years”, says the man from Madrid.

“Sevilla have a warrior and winning spirit in their DNA. The Europa League is not the Champions League, but whoever wins it automatically goes to the group stage of the most prestigious tournament”, points out the mattress striker.

Morata is clear about Juventus’ greatest danger: “If I have to choose one, I’ll take ‘Fideo’. I played with him and we are before a champion. For me, he is the most underrated champion of the last ten years. A phenomenon that would have always deserved to be in the top 5 in the world”.

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