Denmark: a tough policy to fight against immigration

In Copenhagen (Denmark), a construction site in a neighborhood is controversial. Most of the inhabitants are of foreign origin. For the town hall, there would not be enough diversity. So she decided to take action: give social housing to the private sector and relocate the inhabitants elsewhere. This is the case of Mohammed Aslan who has lived there for more than forty years. He is an entrepreneur and perfectly integrated. Since the announcement, he has been in shock. “We didn’t do anything, we are not criminals. Why should we be kicked out of our homes? My four children were born here, grew up here. They had a good education, have a job. Why are we put us in the wrong category of the population?he asks.

One measure among many others

This anti-ghetto plan initiated by the government is one of the many measures that have been put in place against foreigners. Confiscation of goods arrived on the territory, restricted access to allowances, in Denmark, everything is done to discourage immigrants from wanting to settle.

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