The tennis player has made his appearance with a few short and even detached words about the current situation in tennis

Rafael Nadal has reappeared in the least favorable light when touching on a subject of scandal in tennis, that of Peng shuai with a message that has left little flavor. In his accounts, the Spaniard has recently said that regardless of everything that has happened, he is comforted to know that he is well, toThe time he admitted not having details or being so well informed about it.

Being who he is, a benchmark of the discipline, many expected more, and have criticized him for being away from cases that are not alien to anyone in any social sphere. As strong as your message may seem it has been devastating, and beyond wishing him a speedy recovery, it has only been possible to rescue that he invited him to return to the courts soon.

Nadal Fognini
Rafa Nadal and his statements about the scandal that goes around the world

After Rafa Nadal’s message, everything has been diverted to an interview they have had with Peng Shuai to clarify their current affairs

The president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach has contacted him through a video call that lasted 30 minutes. In that contact, various topics have been discussed and it has even been closed with an invitation to dinner. The moment was not stressful but it has been distressing, since the aftermath of that song has still been noticed.

Although he has thanked the concern at all times, he has promptly asked not to tell details, since he admits that if he wants to assert something, it is the right to privacy. He lives his days at his home in Beijing and is regaining the strength to fight. Figures such as Emma Terho and Li Lingwei, who is a member of the Olympic committee in China, have also appeared in the call.

Aggression is an issue that worries and destroys

Since announcing the sexual harassment of which she was a victim, Peng Shuai, on the 2nd of this month by Zhang Gaoli, former vice premier, the athlete has sunk into her loneliness. He had not responded to invitations and had preferred to keep his case ostracized. But it seems that the time has come and that makes him come out afloat.

Today she is an example to follow and she as such has involuntarily initiated various campaigns regarding a scourge that is more common than it seems. Of course, sport is a space of competitiveness and enjoyment of which it assumes must come forward to send a signal of struggle to the whole world.


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