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Del Potro insisted on the chance of The Last Dance at the US Open

Del Potro insisted on the chance of The Last Dance at the US Open

Juan Martín del Potro is willing to make a new sacrifice to be on a tennis court in a match on the ATP circuit. And so he ratified it in Miami, where he insisted that he seek to get ready for a triumphant farewell at the United States Open, a contest that he won in 2009 and marked his career as a tennis player.

Based on a promise for the Argentine National Team to celebrate the world title in Qatar 2022, Del Potro seems willing to make an extra effort that would allow him to return to tennis. “He made promises like all Argentines. I know that tennis is still good, because it will never be a problem to grab the racket and see how I feel, but the physical issue and my knee is something I work with every day. Likewise, I am going to leave that tennis window open until the US Open”, acknowledged the man from Tandil in an interview with C5N.

Definitely away from the circuit for more than a year, Del Potro wants to give himself a new opportunity. “I have time yet. I am going to start training to see how the leg responds and later I will see if I can do it. If not, I will continue on this path: drinking tequila and having a good time, ”explained the former number three in the world, who underwent four knee operations before putting his career on hold, since he never confirmed his retirement in any way official.

Del Potro made it clear that the mirror in which he looks is Andy Murray or Stanislas Wawrinka, players who also suffered serious injuries and returned to the circuit to compete again, beyond the fact that they are far from the level they used to have. “It’s something that I see with Murray or Wawrinka, who are established guys and enjoy tennis. It doesn’t matter to them if they win, if they lose or the position they occupy in the ranking, because they are stars. I would like to give myself that luxury”, remarked the 2016 Davis Cup champion, who also recalled how the idea of ​​returning to the US Open arose.

“Last year, when they did the farewell to Serena Williams, they talked to me and told me that it would be very nice to put together something similar. The advantage I have is that I don’t need the Wild Card, because I have the protected ranking. That’s where I shit them. It doesn’t matter how I am, because if I want to play I can do it without problems; but obviously I would like to finish the game, complete it and enjoy it. If it will be my last moment in tennis, I would like to live up to it. I’m going to prepare, because I always give it my all, ”said the man from Tandil, who wants The Last Dance on the stage of his greatest moment of glory on the circuit.

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