Deepak Chahar’s Wife Scammed Thousands Of Rupees And Received Death Threats!

A cheating case has come to light involving Jaya Bhardwaj, wife of Indian cricketer Deepak Chahar. Jaya has been scammed out of Rs 10 lakh. The former manager of the Hyderabad Cricket Association and her son have been accused of cheating on Jaya. A case has also been registered for the complaint of Deepak’s father. According to the report, Jaya had given Rs 10 lakh in connection with a deal. But when asking again she has been threatened with death.

According to the news, the former manager of the Hyderabad Cricket Association and his son scammed Deepak’s wife Jaya out of Rs 10 lakhs. In reality, she had given him money from Jaya to make him a business partner. She sent money to her account for this deal. But if this does not happen, then threats are being made if money is demanded. The son of the former association manager is alleged to have threatened and the manager has also shown fear of being a former Indian manager. A case has been registered at the police station on the complaint from the father of Deepak Chahar.

Significantly, Deepak Chahar’s family lives in Agra. Deepak and Jaya got married on June 1 of last year. Along with close relatives, many friends also came to the wedding of these two. The marriage of these two was quite popular. Deepak and Jaya were together for a long time. The Indian cricket team players have been very popular due to their performance. Deepak played the last ODI for India in December 2022. While the last T20 match was contested in October 2022.

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