A large part of the population is still in fear due to the situation, although currently, the Covid – 19 figures are improving exponentially. According to a study carried out by the Google Ads Research and Insights team, from the searches carried out by users, many of the citizens they don’t really know what to do in their spare time, whether to go out or stay at home.

The study shows that face-to-face activities are increasing compared to the previous year. This team has been based on user searches. Most are searches related to getaways, such as all-inclusive hotels or hostels, or dating ideas. On the other hand, a small percentage of people are shown who continue to carry out their tasks online, such as ordering food at home, online platforms to meet people … etc.

“The demand for face-to-face experiences continues to grow compared to last year”, it states Daniel Trovato, Ads Research and Insights Manager at Google.

Othertos user searches

According to the Google Ads Research and Insights team, a small proportion of users spend their free time doing other tasks, such as, for example, decorate the home. They have been based on this from the searches found, such as “images of wooden sofa set designs”, “open shower ideas” … etc. Like searching home cleaning service.

In addition, they have also observed a increase for holidaysIn other words, most users have already started their Halloween preparations, much earlier than usual. This is proven by searches such as “Halloween costumes for families”, “costume ideas” … etc.


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