DAZN deals another blow to LaLiga de Tebas

The position of the current president in the Spanish league is reeling with this new significant setback that could make the Spanish competition the most unpopular in all of Europe today.

LaLiga can’t take another blow anymore and javier thebes you could be fired next if DAZN-related information turns out to be true. As most of you know, the streaming platform of British origin has 50% of the television rights to broadcast the matches first and second division.

The other 50% of the rights belong to Movistar Plus. The information that has leaked in the last hours is that DAZN will break all links with LaLiga and incidentally with Javier Tebas. The reasons have to do with the latest scandals that have arisen within the Spanish league such as “the Negreira case”, the decrease in advertising, and the different economic crises of the most powerful teams in Spain, for example FC Barcelona.

50% of the television rights in LaLiga belong to DAZN and the rest to Movistar Plus.

The same president of LaLiga denies the information related to DAZN

The top manager of LaLiga has had to come out to show his face after this delicate information that has leaked thanks to Jorge Calabrés, head of sports at El Español. According to Thebes, this information is false and DAZN will continue to be a partner of LaLiga, complying with the stipulated agenda for 2023-24 and until 2027 when the contract is signed.

On the other hand, Calabrés is based on the fact that “the OTT fails to make the investment profitable for audiovisual rights and doubts are growing in the investment fund about the so-called Impulse Plan”. For this reason, the journalist believes that the contract will be cancelled. However, the president of LaLiga has had to issue a statement to explain point by point and verify that what the El Español reporter says is false.

Javier Tebas’ statement explaining that LaLiga and DAZN will follow their natural course in the 2023-24 agenda

Through his Twitter, the president of LaLiga attacks Jorge Calabrés indicating that his information is a series of “fake news” to misinform. He likewise writes. “DAZN complies with the payment method of the tender and with CVC everything planned and calm”. The statement begins as follows. “It is absolutely false that DAZN and CVC are considering breaking their contracts with LaLiga due to economic and legal problems, as the article states.”

And then continue. “It is surprising that, despite not having confirmation from DAZN and CVC, Jorge Calabrés and El Español have published this false news, citing unspecified “sources in the sector”. It is also worrying that neither the aforementioned journalist nor any other person from El Español has contacted LaLiga to verify the information, in yet another lack of journalistic rigor and professionalism. To read the full statement, you can find it on the official profile of Javier Tebas on Twitter.

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