The classic Danilith Nokere Koerse has taken a giant step forward in the fight for equality in the world of cycling between men’s and women’s races after announcing this Wednesday that will distribute the same prize pool for the men’s and women’s races, something that until now had not done any other professional cycling race.

In this way, the Belgian classic becomes the test that gives the most money in the women’s cycling calendar, since lThe organization will allocate a total of 20,300 in prizes for both the men’s race and the women’s event.

Thus, the winner of the race will win 7,515 euros in prize money, the second classified will receive 3,760 euros and the cyclist who completes the podium will win 1,875 euros. Amounts that are far from the prizes that will be awarded in the one-day races of the UCI Women’s World Tour in 2022, since the winner will receive 1,690 euros, the second classified 1,250 and the third 840 for a total of 7,700 euros, less than half of what the Nokere Koerse will distribute in total.

In statements provided by the race organizers, the president of Danilith Nokere Koerse, Robrecht Bothuyne, justified this decision. “For our men’s race, the UCI established a purse of 18,800 euros. That was three and a half times more than the women’s race, at 5,130 euros. However, women’s cycling is more important every day and we must close the gap with the men’s awards. Together with the Kruisem city council, we have increased the prize for the women’s race to the men’s level. In addition, we also have our ‘Pur Natur’ mountain prize of 1,500 euros which for several years has been the same for men and women. This gives us a total of € 20,300 for each race and makes the Danilith Nokere Koerse the one-day race with the highest prize in women’s cycling, as we run as candidates to enter the UCI Women’s World Tour. “


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