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Danger of war? Preparing to move to the Russian capital

According to foreign media reports, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed moving the Russian capital to the coldest part of Siberia, thousands of kilometers from Moscow, at a meeting of scientists at the country’s third-largest convention in Novosibirsk. .

The warlord asked the Center for Politics, Industry, Research and the Russian Army (Moscow) to move beyond its European borders, saying that “we need at least three, but preferably five scientific, industrial and economic activities in Siberia” . Need to create large centers.

“We must not only build a city and move the capital here, but also plan for each city with a population of one million,” he said.

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The Russian defense minister did not give a solid reason to move the capital from Moscow to any part of Siberia, suggesting that the Russian capital could be safer in the future, to move it from the western part of Russia to Siberia.

In early 2012, as governor of the Moscow region, he argued that moving the capital to Siberia would help citizens from different regions of Russia to reach the capital, citing St. Peter, for example. It will be easier for students from cities like Berg and Krasnodar to look for work or travel to the Siberian capital.

Remember that in WWII, Moscow was also the capital of the Soviet Union. At that time, Ukraine was also part of the Soviet Union. In those days, the capital of Moscow was far from any foreign invaders from the West. Very close to the borders of Eastern Europe.

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