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Dance of Queen Rania and Bride in Raju All Saif’s Rism-e-Henna, Video Viral

Dubai: The photos and dance video of Saudi woman Rajawa Al-Saif, the fiancee of the Crown Prince of Jordan, have gone viral on social media.

Arab News On Monday night, Jordan’s Queen Rania hosted the mehndi ceremony of Saudi Arabia’s Rajwa Al-Saif, who will become the bride of Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II on June 1.

For the ceremony, the bride wore a white dress designed by Saudi designer Huneeda Al-Sairfi, with golden silk thread work.

The dress incorporated Saudi and Jordanian cultures, inspired by the traditional dress of the Najd region, which Hanida presented with a modern twist.

In the henna ritual, Queen Rania and the bride along with her two daughters Iman and Salma also performed a traditional dance. Queen Rania also shared photos of the celebration on her Instagram account on Tuesday, which was attended by several guests, including the groom’s sisters Iman and Salma.

Hanida said that she incorporated the 7-pointed star into the design of the dress, which not only adorns the Jordanian flag, but also reflects the 7 Quranic verses of Surah Fatiha.

He said, “I also took the symbol of the palm tree from Saudi Arabia, which represents life, excitement and spending.” Hoi poetry is also included.

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