Dam levels have not increased with the rains, according to the Indrhi

The rains recorded in the Dominican Republic in recent days have mitigated the drought that was in red dot productive areas of the country and put out the forest fires, but the dams have not increased.

The executive director of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (Indrhi), Olmedo Caba, explained that the rainfall has reduced the demand for water for irrigation, allowing some dams, including Rincón and Tavera, to be in regulation for the recovery of their respective level and volume. The one in Rincon is closed.

The greatest impact of the rain was, according to Caba, in valleys or low areas of the hydrographic basins, therefore the reservoirs did not benefit, that are located in the upper part of the basins.

Guarantees water for aqueducts

The supply of the aqueducts that depend on the dams is maintained, thus guaranteeing water for human consumption.

The fact that there is a reduction in demand for irrigation has allowed the operation through regulation of the Tavera reservoirs, in Santiago, and Rincón, located between Bonao and La Vega, according to the official.

As for the Tavera dam, He said that it is operating with a minimum flow as a regulation measure to avoid its exhaustion.

Dam situation

Regarding the volume of water in the dams, some They presented improvement as a result of the operation management, such as Tavera, Bao, López – Angostura and Rincón.

Meanwhile, Hatillo, Valdesia – Las Barías, Jigüey, Sabana Yegua, Sabaneta and Monción slightly reduced their volume of water.

Meanwhile, the report from the National Meteorological Office indicates that the maximum rainfall values ​​occurred in Sabana de la Mar, in Sánchez and at the El Catey and Arroyo Barril airports in Samaná, in Santo Domingo Este, Jimaní, Villa Riva, La Vega, the Enriquillo Lake area, Gurabo de Santiago, Las Américas airport, in Peralta de Azua, Jarabacoa, at La Romana airport and in Salcedo.

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