Granada once again has a team in the ACB eleven years later. Covirán managed to cheer up a city with culture and hunger for basketball in a packed Palacio de los Deportes after defeating Almansa (102-60) in a match full of emotions and skin deep, but which was dominated from start to finish by the people from Granada, who did not want confidence, scares or entrust themselves to what Movistar Estudiantes could do in their match against Marc Gasol’s Girona (the schoolboys lost). Covirán wanted to go up fast and, above all, as champion. Deserved champion And he did it in a big way!

A duel of those that will be remembered. In the absence of a day, the historic and respected Estudiantes can no longer snatch the first place. Much merit raising the LEB Champion Cup because it has been, by far, the best team in a very tough category.


This promotion rewards a job well done since the Fundación Club Baloncesto Granada took over from Club Baloncesto Granada, which was dissolved on May 3, 2012, beset by a tremendous debt of six million euros. The new project started from scratch in the fifth category and based on slow but sure steps, it climbed positions until reaching the current ecstasy with a budget close to €750,000 and a commendable youth job with more than 700 children. Already last season he was within reach of moving up in category, but Breogán took away this dream that he now enjoys.

Pablo Pin’s men came out with full heartbeats and warm hearts. After his only difficult moment with the score 16-14 midway through the first quarter, things were festive thanks to an extraordinary streak by Germán Martínez with five triples worth five soles. A partial final of 26-12. The break was reached with 50-28.

And what came was a festival. A Granada unleashed and in his sauce with a dedicated audience that rubbed their eyes because what he was experiencing was very big. Paco Cuenca, mayor, and Jorge Garbajosa, president of the FEB, enjoyed themselves in the box. Team with incredible fans. The most veterans had lived through the promotion of 2004 of the long-awaited Club Baloncesto Granada, which trained the great Sergio Valdeolmillos. Too much time. Normal so much enthusiasm, so much emotion. The difference grew to a tremendous 81-47 with seven minutes remaining


And the ovations came with the shouts of MVP for the great German Martinez and for all. The difference was so abysmal that the fans, far from suffering, what he wanted was to celebrate, celebrate, laugh and hug. Faced with such a basketball gale, the La Mancha team could do little, with an open umbrella and asking for the time. Too much downpour, too much downpour. Bad day to sneak into the party of this sublime Granada with a Palace singing the “champions!” and the “we are from ACB”. It was not a bad Almansa. It was a very good Covirán Granada that culminated its beauty with the three-point shot by Joan Pardina, the great captain, a much-loved player in Granada. The 100th point of an exceptional Covirán Granada that returns to the ACB League. Eleven years of waiting for the return between the greats of one of the teams with the best fans in Spain, 102-60 to remember.