In China, two years after the start of the pandemic, the country lives in a demanding health bubble: borders under surveillance, quarantines, tests. China maintains its zero covid policy as explained by Arnauld Miguet, correspondent for France Télévisions.


Since 2020, Chinese borders have been virtually closed with only 2% of international flights allowed to land in the country. On arrival, all go through the quarantine box. “The golden rule today in China is never without my phone, because it is the precious sesame to be able to go out or travel, it contains the famous health passes“, reports Arnauld Miguet, France Televisions correspondent in China.

In the street, the masks have never disappeared. Everywhere, health passes are requested, even in a taxi. China maintains its zero covid policy. Taking temperature at the entrance to hospitals, no self-tests … China wants to be able to keep the epidemic under control. A routine that seems to have settled in to last. Anyone who has bought aspirin is asked to get tested. The country is chasing covid as the Winter Olympics approach.