Covic: “The goal was for Campazzo to leave, but it hasn’t been like that”


The Euroleague has been blunt with the sanction to Campazzo. Marshall GlickmanCEO of the competition, explained that the punishment was fair and had to be fulfilled. Nebojsa Covicpresident of Red Star, has a different vision of the event.

In a press conference presented by the club itself, the head of the Belgrade team was blunt. He admitted guilt, but did not understand the duration. It is true that we made a mistake, but the punishment is not adequate. Many lies have been told. some media they live to politicize the history“he exclaimed to the media.

Red Star is on everyone’s lips and, according to Covic, especially in negative aspects. “I think it is necessary to speak to put an end to the sermons against Red Star. It turns out that youI hear everything that goes wrong in the Euroleague is the Red Star’s fault”, qualified the chief executive.

Neboja wanted to express the transparency of the club’s accounts after the sanction. “ We are a club that has published your budget. Twice we gave a table with the approximate salaries. Let others also provide those tables. The attacks on Red Star are continuous”, he clarified to those present.

Campazzo and Stefan Markovic celebrate with Red Star fans in Belgrade


Campazzo and Stefan Markovic celebrate with Red Star fans in BelgradeSrdjan StevanovicGetty

On Marshall Glickman’s statements in Basketball News, pointing to the agents of the Argentine base, Covic wanted to be blunt and dispel doubts. “Mr. Glickman says the agents are to blame for taking Campazzo “there.” We are the Red Star, we have a reputation. Obviously, The objective was for Campazzo to leave the club, but they have seen that this has not been the case. He will not only play in the ABA league, although it is very important for us, we also want to win it, as well as the Serbian Cup.”, he commented.

The duel with partizan, a rival from the city of Belgrade, is also present off the pitch. The president of Red Star pointed directly to Zoran Savicpresident of the club that trains Zeljko Obradovic. He has called the ELPA. Will they confess or not and if they don’t, so they are lying. He also called the sports director of the ABA League, Milija Vojinovic, to ask about the registration, ”he reaffirmed.

“Call to Valencia Basketballcall to baskonia. What is that behavior, what is it? Right now we don’t owe anything. We’ll see if we continue with the same dynamics… Probably Partizan should also, like the 99% of the clubs”, ended with the statements about the sanction of the Euroleague.


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