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Court confirmed extension of preventive detention measure

Court confirmed extension of preventive detention measure

A Court The appeals courts confirmed the extension of the measure in the last few hours preventative prison ordered by the judiciary for the former senator Gustavo Penadeswho is being investigated for a series of sex crimes against minors.

At the beginning of April, when the period of preventive detention established at the beginning of the investigation expired, the Sexual Offenses Prosecutor’s Office, led by Alicia Ghione, requested the extension of the precautionary measure since the procedural risks remained, citing the intention of Penadés had to obstruct the investigation and Carlos Taroco, former director of the Santiago Vázquez prison (ex-Comcar), has already been indicted.

Penadés’ lawyers had appealed Judge Marcela Vargas’ decision to extend preventive detention, and now the appeal court that filed the request decided to uphold the decision to extend preventive detention, he told Penadés’ lawyer Soledad Suárez Victims representing the Legal Department of the University of the Republic.

The crimes of which Gustavo Penadés is accused

Penadés and the history teacher Sebastián Mauvezín were indicted on October 10, 2023 under a precautionary measure of preventive detention for 180 days, which expired on April 10, 2024.

The former National Party senator was charged with eleven retaliatory offenses of sexual exploitation of minors, four of particularly aggravated sexual abuse, three of aggravated sexual abuse, one offense of rape, one offense of contempt for corruption of minors and one offense of violent indecent assault in the true repeat regime as an author . In total there were 22 crimes.

In the case of Mauvezín, the investigation was opened against him as a perpetrator for seven crimes of involvement in the sexual exploitation of minors in a regime of real repetition.

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