Continued good news from Saudi Arabia …!

Riyadh: There is constant positive news about the Corona situation in Saudi Arabia, the number of active cases in the kingdom has decreased while the recovery rate has also increased.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Arabian Department of Health has released the latest statistics on the crown in the kingdom, which states that active corona cases have dropped to only 10,624 and the daily recovery rate of patients is also increasing. During the last 24 hours, 1,063 new cases were reported.

According to the statistics, after the new cases were reported in Saudi Arabia, the total number of people affected by Corona was recorded at 527,877, while the number of deaths was 8,259.

The health department says 58,994 patients have also died of corona.

The Saudi city of Mecca reported the majority of new cases (244 patients). The capital also reported 217 patients. Similarly, 152 epidemics were reported in the eastern region, while 108 epidemics were reported in Asir.

There are 1,434 patients in the country facing coronary heart disease.

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