Conor Gallagher is hoping for a better deal with Chelsea

Conor Gallagher’s future continues to be a topic of discussion in the world of football, particularly amid rumors of potential interest from Tottenham in the player. According to reports from England, the 24-year-old midfielder, whose contract with Chelsea expires in June 2025, is keen to stay in London long-term. Although talks over a contract extension with the club have stopped, Gallagher is determined to fight for a place in Mauricio Pochettino’s team.

The player, who has proven his worth with his on-field performances, is aiming to establish himself as an integral part of the London team. His determination to stay at the club underlines his commitment and ambition to be successful in his sporting career. For this reason, Chelsea rate him highly to offer him a better contract. At the moment it seems like the player is waiting to gain a lot more exposure and show that he is world class and therefore qualify for a much larger contract upgrade. what they offer you at the moment.

Tottenham insists on him

The possibility of a transfer to Tottenham has raised expectations among fans and the sporting press, but it appears that Gallagher prefers to stay true to Chelsea colours, as published in the Daily Mail. His desire to fight for a place in the team under Pochettino shows his confidence in his abilities and his willingness to take on challenges.

With his contract expiring, Gallagher’s situation could change in the coming months. However, for now, the player appears to be focused on his future at Chelsea, eager to prove his worth and help bring the team back to what it once was.

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