The Governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, closed the XII Diploma of “Economic training for communicators”, an activity integrated into its institutional social responsibility program ‘Central Classroom for economic and financial education’.

The diploma, which has the academic endorsement of the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), an institution represented at the event by its academic vice-rector, Vhyna Ortega, has been taught throughout the national geography, in the interest of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic to facilitate a better understanding of economic and financial issues for communication professionals and, therefore, for public opinion in general.

Valdez Albizu stated that “The diploma for journalists is of special importance, since the training is offered at a time when the world economy has been affected by the greatest health crisis that humanity has faced in the last hundred years.”

He also pointed out that “it is no secret to anyone that, in this difficult environment, the governments and central banks of the world have been forced to take measures to soften the effects of the crisis, preserving jobs and moderating the loss of income of society, an objective that the Dominican Republic has fulfilled for the good of its citizens ”.

He took the opportunity to highlight the cybersecurity system of the Central Bank, rating it as one of the most advanced and effective in the region. He reported that, as part of its training work, the BCRD plans to teach cybersecurity courses.

For this edition, the diploma for communicators selected topics of vital importance in economic activity such as: production and structure of the economy, inflation, unemployment and the labor market, international financial architecture, external sector, Dominican financial system, monetary policy and fiscal policy.

Social responsibility program
The governor noted that the Central Bank also offers a similar diploma for its non-economist staff, organizes the Juan Pablo Duarte Library Annual Economics Contest aimed at economics professionals, the “Future Economists” contest for final year high school students, as well as giving workshops and talks to unions and organizations.

In turn, it organizes the “Economic and Financial Week”, which has become the most relevant economic and financial education activity in the country, with the participation of dozens of public and private entities related to the subject, and raising awareness visit of thousands of children and young people from Santo Domingo, Santiago and other provinces of the country.

Valdez Albizu indicated that “together with the Working Group for the National Strategy for Economic and Financial Education, they have developed the portal that contains the initials of said strategy,, which will serve to disseminate these issues.”

The governor thanked UNIBE for its academic endorsement of this diploma; to the facilitators, doctors Julio Andújar and Frank Fuentes, for their high teaching quality; and to the Communication department of the Central Bank, for its coordination and follow-up work.

At the event, the academic vice-rector of UNIBE, Vhyna Ortega, spoke, who praised the Central Bank’s initiative with this type of training activities, while highlighting the academic level and rigor of the training program for all communicators; while the words on behalf of the graduates were pronounced by the journalist José Tomas Paulino, director of the RNN Channel 27 news program.

During the closing ceremony, Governor Valdez Albizu was accompanied by the Vice Governor, Clarissa de la Rocha de Torres; the manager, Ervin Novas Bello; the Governor’s economic advisor and teacher, Julio Andújar Scheker and Luis Martín Gómez, Director of Communication. Maribel Medina, Director of Continuing Education, was also present for UNIBE.



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