A specialized study analyzes the main e-commerce sites in Latin America.

Most e-commerce sites in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru offer unsatisfactory shopping experiences according to Lett’s EQI, E-commerce Quality Index. The data collected between the months of August and September of this year indicate that the lack or the low number of comments is the factor that has the most negative impact.

This report takes a detailed look at article categorization, the number of images present, the words in the description, the characters in the title, and the number of reviews on the product pages of e-commerce sites.

A score of 60, on a scale of 0 to 100, is recommended for a good online shopping experience. In 2021, the EQI Latin America reached 44 points.

In the classification by country, Brazil was the one with the best performance, with 45 points; followed by Colombia, with 42, while Chile and Mexico tied with 39 points.

Argentina occupies the 4th place, with 34, and the last in the ranking is Peru, with only 32 points. According to the study, the lack of evaluations on the product pages is the information that most damages the shopping experience in the countries analyzed and that was precisely the criterion that had the greatest negative impact on the EQI Latin America 2021 index. In Peru and in Argentina, consumer evaluations are practically non-existent in e-commerce.


  • 1st Axton 82
  • 2nd Quatree 80
  • 3rd Dogpper 78
  • 4th Foundation 77
  • 5th Zooz 76
  • 6th Sensea 74
  • 7th Exeway 74
  • 8th Dexter 74
  • 9th Farmina 72
  • 10th Matelasse 71


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