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Comesaña’s substitute at Rayo Vallecano is an Atlético star: he is not Saúl

After it was confirmed that the midfielder from Vigo will be a new Villarreal CF player, sports director David Cobeño is carrying out an operation on the mattress team, to bring in a high-level replacement.

Santi Comesaña will be one of the most sensitive casualties that the club will have Vallecano Ray in the next season, but Cobeño is already working on his replacement. He is one of the best players attached to the Atletico Madrid, although he has not played under the orders of Diego Simeone. He was rather under the supervision of Michel Sánchez

We are referring to the former mattress player from Madrid and on loan at Girona FC, Rodrigo Riquelme. Without a doubt, the 23-year-old midfielder is one of the best on loan to the rojiblanca entity. But even so, Cholo still does not require him in his squad. For this reason, the Girona team felt confident of prolonging his loan, but with Rayo Vallecano hanging around, it will be difficult.

comesaña vallecano lightning
Rodrigo Riquelme is one of Atlético’s best loanees, but Simeone believes that it is not yet time for him to return to Madrid.

While Comesaña goes to the Submarine, Riquelme will arrive at Rayo Vallecano

The mission and vision of the Rayista team in terms of the release of one of their best midfielders, can be summed up by the signing of the former mattress player. Despite the fact that they do not occupy the same position, the Galician was an attacking midfielder who sometimes dived into the midfielder’s area. The 3 goals and 2 assists this season, he did alternating with Unai López.

In the case of the attacker from Madrid (Rodrigo Riquelme), he usually plays on the offensive flanks, being the left where he performs best. But at other times, he is seen in the center of the attack in a delayed way, almost as a spearhead. That’s when we see him go down to defend to midfield, or when the team comes out from the defense and the former squad takes position from midfield.

The factor that could define the signing of Riquelme by Rayo Vallecano

Right now the 23-year-old attacker is comfortable in the Blanc-i-Vermells squad, and he would have no problem continuing to defend the red and white colors for next season. However, the option of joining the franjirrojo box, and being closer to home, also moves the floor. A difficult decision, in which one factor could define the future of the player from Girona

For obvious reasons, Rodrigo Riquelme would like to play internationally, and he could do so if his team (Girona) wins this weekend, hoping that Athletic doesn’t win. Given these results, the Catalan team will go to the Conference League 2023-24. On the other hand, Rayo Vallecano also has that chance, if they beat Mallorca at Soin Moix, and they hope that the club from Girona and Osasuna draw. Later they will also have to push for Real Madrid to beat the Bilbao team.

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