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Coldplay to the rhythm of

The ‘big bang’ that Coldplay has caused this Wednesday in Barcelona has been so dazzling that its shock wave may have reached Tina Turner, wherever she is, because Chris Martin has dedicated the first of the four mass baths to her. to give this week in Spain.

Coming from the planetary system The Spheres, the biggest band in the pop firmament of our days has landed at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona ready to give “the best concert of our lives”, Martin has said in Spanish, as soon as he has appeared on the stage.

An intention that the news of the death of Tina Turner, known very shortly before, has not overshadowed, but on the contrary, because after more than two hours of repeated explosions of music, color and good vibes, the assistants have left convinced that the British have achieved their goal.

They would have reached it, probably, without anyone’s help, given the connection that musicians and the public have reached during the first hour and a half of the concert, but Coldplay likes that in all the countries of his world tour he goes on stage a local artist who brings them even closer to their public and in Barcelona the guests have been three members of Gipsy Kings.

It must be said that the band is French, although of Spanish descent, and that the rumba they play has little of the Catalan rumba, but in Barcelona everyone knows their songs and today they have been able to sing two of the best known, “Volare” and “Bamboleo,” along with legendary vocalist Nicolas Reyes.

“Volare” has been a good choice for a concert that has started with the music of “ET El extraterrestrial” and which is the presentation of an album called “Music of the Spheres”, in reference to planets, satellites and other stars spherical

With the music from “ET” still playing, the band has come out on the main stage and their leader has run down a catwalk to the second stage, located in the center of the enclosure and surrounded by a red sea made up of 50,000 people with luminous bracelets on their wrists.

These bracelets are a resource that Coldplay has used for many years in their concerts and that is still spectacular.

From red, the bracelets have gone to lilac, blue and yellowuntil going through the entire color palette while “Higher power” and “Adventure of a lifetime” played, with the entire audience jumping for joy to the rhythm of the band’s festive hymns.

Immediately, the brightness of the bracelets has been enhanced by the colors of the huge balls that have begun to float over the audience in “Paradise” and the confetti that has shot into the sky in “Something just like this”, just after of the collective ecstasy of “Viva la vida”, a very special song for the people of Barcelona since the coach Pep Guardiola used it to motivate FC Barcelona.

In this first part there has also been some more intimate moment, like when Martin has stopped running and jumping to sit at the piano to interpret “The scientist” or when he has invited a spectator to sit next to him to dedicate the song to his mother.

The positive energy has continued to flow with “Yellow”, “Human heart”, “People of the pride”, “Clocks”, “The lightclub”, “My universe” and “A sky full of stars”, all seasoned with with tongues of fire, lasers, alien costumes and giant spherical screens.

To the two stages linked by a catwalk that the musicians have been alternating, a third has joined when Gipsy Kings have entered the scene.

A setting that has also been chosen by Coldplay to interpret “Rolling on the river”, in homage to Tina Turner.

They closed the show with fireworks, “Biutyful” and a sense of interconnection between all the members of the human species that, perhaps, will not change the world, but that its inhabitants seem to need, as demonstrated by the stratospheric numbers of spectators that Coldplay is gathering in this tour and that in Spain there will be more than 200,000 when the last of the four concerts scheduled at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona ends on Sunday.

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