MOSCOW: A fire at a coal mine in Russia has killed at least 11 people and left several others missing.

Eleven people have been killed in a fire at a coal mine in Russia’s Siberia region, according to details. Rescue operations are underway for several missing persons.

According to Russian media, there were 285 miners in the affected mine at the time of the accident, out of which 200 people were rescued in the rescue operation, however the rest are still missing.

Local officials told the media that 45 of the workers who were evacuated from the mine were injured.

According to officials, rescue operations are underway to rescue the remaining people trapped in the mine, however, no contact has been made with the miners trapped underground.

On the other hand, the government has not yet commented on the nature of the accident at the mine. It may be recalled that in 2004, 13 workers were killed in an explosion of methane gas in this mine.



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