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Close friend of Fernando Alonso reveals his plans with Aston Martin

In addition, the journalist believes that the Asturian is closer to victory than Carlos

There are only a few days left before Formula 1 returns with the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which is being held this weekend at the Imola circuit. It will be a new opportunity for Fernando Alonso with Aston Martin make another podium and look for his long-awaited victory number 33.

The followers of the Aston Martin driver, Fernando Alonso, are looking forward to the big day and the journalist Antonio Lobato is already warming up and He has given his point of view of what the Spanish could do in this long-awaited appointment. The statements left all his followers with many questions.

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
Lobato has revealed a lot about the future of Oviedo crack

Antonio Lobato believes that Fernando Alonso’s future at Aston Martin will be exceptional

Fernando wants more and Aston Martin wants more“, the journalist stated, although he is clear that it will be difficult because “to go from third to second is to beat a Red Bull and to go from second to first to get 33rd is to beat both Red Bulls. Today Red Bull is untouchable”.

Lobato believes that this year is unfeasible unless things happen, although he believes that Fernando is closer to victory than Carlos. The main reason is that the level of the Asturian “is beastly and he is demonstrating it with an Aston Martin that does not have the speed that Red Bull has“.

A position with a lot of hierarchy is what the Spanish pilot is looking for

The great adventure that Alonso is experiencing at Aston Martin makes the journalist think that their futures will continue to be linked: “What you are experiencing now was not expected. If no problems arise, I think Alonso would like to finish his career at Aston Martin, even for purposes that go beyond just being a driver.“.

“In Bahrain he told me that if everything went well, that a position in the Aston Martin hierarchy could help him. I see it as difficult for him to go to Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari. I think Aston Martin has been a good bet. The normal thing is that at Aston Martin he becomes a big driver ”, he added.

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