Climate: Italy and Spain affected by extreme rain

A sudden rise in water even in the buses still filled with terrified passengers. In Brescia (Italy), in the south of the country, the equivalent of several months of rain fell in a few hours. Specialists call it a water bomb. The subways are also flooded. The rescuers themselves were overwhelmed. “We have just recovered the digger that will allow us to dig in the mountain”, explains one of them. It has been 10 days since the country suffered devastating rainfall. In total, fifteen people died, 36,000 had to be moved, and thousands of animals perished.

Rains also in Spain

The same phenomenon of deluges took place in Spain in Murcia today. Near Valencia, a mother had a huge fright with her stroller. It will take the vigilance of a passerby to catch up with the child. Friday evening, May 26, the rain stopped, but it will take several hours for the region to regain its true face.

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